Where should I study industrial design

Where should I study industrial design

Do you have a passion for exceptional product design that can create immense value for customers? Do you often press pause and admire iconic designs for how their features solve certain customer needs in a slick, modern package of form and function?

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If you are planning to follow a career in industrial design and further your studies to achieve the needed qualifications, you are truly entering an exceptional field of expertise. The world of an industrial designer involves more than just designing: it is a vibrant environment of interactions with clients, planning out designs, researching and sketching, prototyping and testing for product viability, tweaking designs where needed and, ultimately, delivering a final product that your clients will be able to take to market.

In today’s blog, we will answer the question of where you should study industrial design, what characteristics an industrial designer typically displays, the benefits of an industrial design career journey and in which fields an industrial designer can further their career.

Let’s first look at possible industrial design study options to get started.

Industrial design study options and considerations

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The requirement for most industrial design positions is a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design, or architecture of engineering degrees. Some of the several study options in Australia that you can consider to further your industrial design career include the following:

* Product Design – International Studies at the University of Technology Sydney;

* Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design) from University of Canberra;

* Industrial Design (Honours) program at Western Sydney University;

* Industrial Design (Honours) program at RMIT University;

* Industrial Design degree offered at Griffith University; and

* Industrial Design program at Western Sydney University, to name but a few options.

During your studies, you will typically be instructed in various methods such as CADD (which is computer-aided design and drafting, as well as sketching and a more in-depth look at materials. You will be instructed in how the industrial design process progresses from conception to development and what manufacturing processes involve.

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It is important to note that, over and above getting the necessary qualifications for a career in industrial design, you need to start building proof of your growing expertise as well. You need to start building out your industrial design portfolio to ensure that you can demonstrate your capabilities and skills as an industrial designer.

Including everything from class projects to hands-on practical work in your portfolio can also train you to present your work to potential clients and how to best position your top projects to showcase the value you could add to new projects.

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Another consideration for when you have completed your studies is to enhance your business profile to stand out from other candidates in your field of expertise. You can supplement your industrial design studies with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, which can enhance your business capabilities and give you the tools you need to even potentially start your own business.

Is a career in industrial design the right step for you?

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If you are already asking the question of where you should study industrial design, you are likely a prime candidate for a career in this field. Industrial designers are known for their penchant for innovation and bringing their creativity and business savvy together to create exceptional, meaningful products. They marry their artistic and enterprising characteristics together, which means their clients get the benefit of an artistic approach that is fuelled by leadership too.

Career opportunities for qualified industrial designers

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Once you’ve earned your industrial design qualifications, there are several fields of expertise to explore for your career. These include the automotive industry, package design, homeware, smart devices, larger-scale projects and even the entertainment industry.

As an industrial designer, you can consider working for manufacturers as an in-house team member, or pursue a freelance career. As mentioned, another option is to start your own business, which will allow you to hands-on work with clients and dictate your workload according to your business needs.

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If you are passionate about research, you could consider becoming an industrial design researcher. This will allow you to deep-dive into data regarding consumer behaviours and what the best solutions would be to solve their pain points. You will also be deeply involved in product testing and making recommendations for improvements.

Choose to study industrial design and reap the rewards

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Studying industrial design is an incredible opportunity that will allow you to add value to the retail and other commerce sectors. With your passion for innovation and creating products designs that are high-performing as well as aesthetically pleasing, you are set on a course that will allow amazing work satisfaction.

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