What to look out for when hiring industrial designers

What to look out for when hiring industrial designers

If you have a big project planned for a new product and need an all-encompassing approach to ensure its success, you are likely in the market to hire an industrial design team. This team will ensure that you are part of an agile process of conceptual design and development, giving you a front-row seat in the process of getting your product ready for market.

In this blog, we will explain what an industrial designer does, what benefits you can expect when working with an industrial designer, and what to look out for when hiring industrial designers. Let’s start by defining the phrase “industrial designer”.

Understanding what an industrial designer does

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An industrial designer is not simply just a product designer. The types of designers approach each project with a broad view of both the function as well as the aesthetic that a design needs to achieve. They consider which materials to use to get the best possible results for manufacturing as well as customer use, and understand the importance of good design principles.

This understanding enables them to create exceptional designs that will adhere to client briefs and product viability in the market – ensuring success and longevity.

Key aspects to consider when looking for industrial designers for your projects

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As with any hire for your company – whether in-house, on a contract base or for temporary employment – there are some key considerations that you should look out for when hiring industrial designers. Here are some of the most important questions to answer:

1. Establish up-front if the industrial design team that you have in mind is a good fit for your product

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Some industrial designers work only in certain niches, which mean that even though they represent exceptional talent, they might not be a perfect fit for your product. For instance, if the team you have in mind specialise in medical equipment exclusively, they might not be a good fit for kitchen or home appliances.

2. Review feedback, portfolios and testimonials before hiring

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Testimonials are a good benchmark to establish if an industrial design team will deliver the results that you would like to achieve – and you can also get a good idea of the scope of clients that a team has worked with.

Portfolios, by the same token, can provide insight into the achievements of an industrial design business as well as how their design processes can benefit your business too.

3. Use professional platforms such as LinkedIn to find the talent that you are looking for

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LinkedIn, as an example, can help establish where certain leading industrial designers are based and can help you refine the search for talent. LinkedIn does provide the opportunity to advertise jobs as well, which means you can choose from a professional pool of candidates for your projects, as opposed to advertising on multiple platforms, which can make managing the process cumbersome and not ideal.

4. Decide whether you would be open to working with remote teams

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In the current environment of facing a global pandemic and trying to limit social contact as needed, business is often conducted via online platforms such as Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams. If you are happy to work with international teams, these platforms will allow you to have digital contact as needed, but if you prefer proximity and in-person meetings, sticking to close locations to your area of business would be best.

Choose your industrial design team and get ready for exceptional benefits

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Once you have met, interviewed and chosen your industrial design team, you are set for getting amazing benefits during and after the creation of your product design and its production. Here are some of the rewarding experiences that you can expect:

1. Flexibility and an agile process

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Industrial designers are keen problem-solvers, and they know that being flexible allows them to conduct an agile process that has room for improvements and tweaks as a project progresses. They know that a design has to have viability and needs to be designed to be flawless.

2. A cost-effective mindset

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When you work with industrial designers, you will discover that they not only adhere to the principle of less is more, but they also have a cost-effective mindset that ensures excess materials are reduced to a minimum. This means that the impact of your product’s production on the environment will be lessened too as there will be minimal materials that go to waste.

3. Products that are unique to your business

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Although industrial designers need to consider the mass production of products as part of the end result for a product, they do not have a one size fits all approach to product design. Thanks to a lengthy process of consultation before embarking on a project, they can create unique designs that are created for your brand and your customers, establishing needs and expectations upfront.

4. A variety of skills

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Many industrial design teams have worked across various niches and projects, which means they have had wide exposure to different business areas and can provide input based on these experiences.

Additionally, industrial designers have access to and knowledge of the latest design processes and trends, ensuring that your product will not only be viable but also make sense to consumers when weighed up against other designs in the market.

Get ready for innovation and great results

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When you are looking at hiring industrial designers, you are embarking on an exciting journey where top teams will infuse innovation into your projects, ensuring success and exceptional design. Choose your perfect fit, and watch as the results unfold!

If you are a potential client and you are ready to experience an exceptional journey for your next project with amazing results, contact us today. We would love to hear from you and to provide the personal touch that we have become known and respected for as one of Melbourne’s leading industrial design teams!