What does CAD outsourcing mean?

What does CAD outsourcing mean?

Computer-aided design – or CAD, for short – is an integral part of operations for industrial designers, architects, engineers and more. Used in various industries, from small scale projects to those with a bigger scale, such as automotive and shipping designs.

Because of its niche nature, businesses often consider outsourcing CAD functions, as it can be more cost-effective to work with expert external teams than hiring in-house team members – especially if considering hiring costs, overheads and training time that could slow down production.

In today’s blog, we will be looking at what CAD outsourcing means, and how businesses can make the most of using professional partners to create the designs that they need.

First off, let’s take a quick look at the type of design work CAD is most often used for.

From 3D models to 2D drawings

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It is important to keep in mind that CAD is not a one-dimensional software application method. This technology allows for a variety of design creations, including 3D models and 2D drawings, depending on the project requirements that that a brief calls for. Industrial designers use CAD for various design phases, including conception, rapid prototyping and getting a project ready for production.

Most CAD systems can be used on everyday platforms, such as Windows and Mac, which makes them efficient and easy to use by designers on their preferred workstations.

Taking a look at the benefits of CAD outsourcing

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When unpacking what CAD outsourcing means, the first point to note is that this operational step brings a lot of flexibility to the design process. Thanks to its digital component, it is easy to tweak and adjust a design as needed, and if adjustments are needed for big projects, getting to the final approved design can be smoother and less time-consuming compared to when considering that in-house team members can focus on other areas of your business.

Access to the latest industry developments and great talent

Another key reason why businesses choose CAD outsourcing is that the designers that use these applications regularly have access to the latest technologies and know what the market offers in terms of new developments.

Plus, with CAD outsourcing, companies can work with professionals with all the knowledge needed when it comes to rendering designs and creating designs of any scale or niche. In other words: they get the manpower they need, without needing long-term hires or any costs involved with new hires.

Saving on costs, including materials

CAD outsourcing doesn’t per se require any physical product production at the design phase: all designs are digitally done at first, which means that a company can get their designs done without wasting materials necessarily.

On the other hand, for industrial designers, CAD can be used during the rapid prototyping phase, where a prototype can be created with incredible precision, and if changes are needed, CAD can assist them in refining their designs.

Great collaborations

Thanks to a variety of collaboration tools, businesses that outsource their CAD requirements can work closely together with their designers, whether via Cloud storage options, e-mail, online kanban boards or whichever platform they prefer.

This collaboration perk means CAD outsourcing can be done easily and that instant feedback can be given, which benefits both the company and designers involved.

3D visualisations

Putting various designs in 3D gives them a better perspective and makes it effortless to picture how a final product could look. In other words, you have less guesswork when imagining your final structures, products or designs, as you get a more comprehensive representation.

Some CAD software applications also have a simulation functionality, which means you can get some idea of how a certain design will interact with users in real life. A good example of this is a walkthrough of a design for an office or building, or a multi-view of a large object to observe it from various angles. This can also pre-empt any potential problems and errors, and ensure that you get a flawless design.

What should businesses keep in mind when outsourcing CAD?

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If you are sold on the decision for CAD outsourcing, do remember to first up establish that the partner(s) you have in mind have sound and proven experience in CAD and has proper references that can validate their track record.

Compare rates, and if you have a large project, ensure that you choose design teams that are equipped for jobs of scale; otherwise, you could end up needing to start the process all over again to find your outsourced partner.

Final thoughts

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CAD outsourcing is a smart business move that can take a lot of strain away from team members and ensure that there is less room for error thanks to existing expertise and talent.

It also allows the opportunity for augmenting your team externally for short or medium periods, which can help you grow your business, speed up your production processes and get your products ready for market.

If you haven’t considered CAD outsourcing yet, why not contact us today if you have any questions about the process. We would be happy to provide insight from an industrial design perspective and give examples of previously outsourced work and the results that we achieved for our clients.

If you are a potential client and you are ready to experience an exceptional journey of design for your next project with amazing results, contact us today. We would love to hear from you and to provide the personal touch that we have become known and respected for as one of Melbourne’s leading industrial design teams!