Rapid Prototyping in Melbourne

From product development, to 3D printing,

MOSS&SCHMIDT takes ideas to the next level

At MOSS&SCHMIDT, we create tangible products. After designing your ideas, we bring them to their initial physical form. With our rapid prototyping skills assisted by market leading technology, your ideas leave the design phase and enter the real world for the first time.

What is rapid prototyping?

Rapid prototyping is the second stage in the design and manufacturing process. This process takes design documents or 3D graphic models and, using cutting edge technology, produces the preliminary versions.

Using your ideas, our experience, and new technologies, we can create working models of what you have set out to achieve—whether it’s a replacement for a dated part, a facelift for an existing product, or an entirely new idea that you want to bring to the market.

Melbourne industrial design and product design

Do you need rapid prototyping in Melbourne? MOSS&SCHMIDT will make it work. For high quality rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and product development, get in touch with us.

How do we approach rapid prototyping?

We believe that having a tangible item early in the design process is important for success down the line. That’s why we focus on the rapid. By creating fast, inexpensive prototypes, we can further work with you to shape your vision.

To build working prototypes in a short time while cutting down on expenses, we employ a range of cutting edge technologies:

  • 3D printing creates solid, three dimensional objects layer by layer using the assistance of programs and hardware.
  • To create a product even more true to the initial design, CNC milling creates highly detailed plastic models.
  • Short run injection moulding creates quality moulds for the purpose of quick metal casting.
  • For creating detailed metal enclosures, laser cutting, etching and bending do the job.


We regard rapid prototyping as an important initial step on the road to a fully working, marketable product. Throughout this process, we guarantee to work with you until you are satisfied with a result that can be manufactured at a greater volume.

Why choose MOSS&SCHMIDT as your rapid prototyping specialists

At MOSS&SCHMIDT, we don’t cut corners, unless your design demands it. We always seek to strike a balance between the initial design and what we know will work in the real world. With your prototype, we aim to satisfy you and amaze your target audience.

We believe our boutique service sets us apart as Melbourne’s rapid prototyping specialists.

Cutting-edge technology

We produce the best work with the best technology. Our methods are always on the cutting edge of the rapid prototyping industry. If we can’t do it in-house, we will work with one of our partnered rapid prototype services to make it real.

Melbourne based

If you’re looking for rapid prototyping in Melbourne, MOSS&SCHMIDT is here for you. We live and work locally in Melbourne, with an office based in Hawthorn East. However, if you’d like an in-house, that can be organised.

Time efficient

Rapid prototyping means creating efficient, working models for testing and comparison. We know that you want to make your idea become a reality, and that’s why we put your prototype first. We can turn around industrial design briefs in as little as two weeks.

High accuracy

Being fast isn’t as important as getting it right. By nailing your prototype in just a few iterations, we cut down the overall design process time, ensuring that the road to your product is as stress-free and inexpensive as possible.

Melbourne Outsourcing, Manufacturing and Supply

Case study: Pival barcode reader

MOSS&SCHMIDT worked with a South Melbourne client to take a barcode ready from the design phase into the next stage of rapid prototyping.

After sourcing parts and working with external prototypers, we produced a prototype that was:

  • Intuitive, with a focus on speed and efficiency for the user
  • Ergonomically designed and able to be positioned on a bench top
  • Highly advanced and communicative with digital software and hardware

After design tweaks from the client, this prototype would become eventually become part of an integrated carpark solution supporting one of Melbourne’s most well known and popular shopping destinations.

If you need time-efficient and cost-effective product prototypes in Melbourne, call MOSS&SCHMIDT.

Our state-of-the-art rapid prototyping tools and experienced engineers will turn your idea into a tangible reality, fast.