Outsourcing and Product Manufacturing

Looking to scale up production?

MOSS&SCHMIDT works with local and offshore manufacturers.

At MOSS&SCHMIDT, we make connections. You already have the idea, the design, and the prototype. Now it’s time to outsource product manufacturing to companies that can scale up production economically, while still retaining quality.

What is product manufacturing?

Product manufacturing means ramping up your product for sale. After the industrial design and prototyping phase, the final product is ready to be manufactured at any scale, small or large, for a low cost. It’s all about finding the right fit for what you want to product.

We have identified that many Australian business struggle to find high quality manufacturing that remains affordable. In the end, if you aren’t receiving a decent profit margin on your idea, you aren’t fully achieving what you set out to do.

Melbourne industrial design and product design

Are you ready for product manufacturing? Take the next step in the industrial design process with MOSS&SCHMIDT. We offer a complete, end-to-end service that includes machining, moulding, component sourcing, and outsourcing manufacturing.

How do we approach product manufacturing?

When looking towards bringing the perfect product to market, we always have the end user in mind. However, product manufacturing comes first, which means cheap, fast, and seamless creation. To cut down on time and expenses, we outsource manufacturing and supply to businesses both local and international.

When it comes to outsourcing product manufacturing, we can offer you the following, and more:

  • Electronic component sourcing is imperative for ideas that utilise advanced technology
  • Plastic injection moulding creates high quality parts by injecting material into a mould
  • To create your products as quickly as possible, we facilitate assembly line outsourcing
  • Metal work machining can create fast, efficient, and cheap models of your products
  • The final step of the process, packaging and shipping, gets your products ready for sale

Why choose MOSS&SCHMIDT for outsourcing and product manufacturing?

Product manufacturing is key to solving problems that exist in the real world. At MOSS&SCHMIDT, we believe in your product, and now we want to help you get it made at a higher quality, for a lower cost than our competitors.

As Melbourne’s premier boutique industrial design business, we offer several differences:

Socially and environmentally responsibility

As part of our comprehensive product manufacturing service, we can help you create socially and environmentally responsible products. We can outsource to manufacturers that place an emphasis on addressing pollution and waste, while providing fair employment. This sets us apart from the larger industrial design firms in Melbourne.


Melbourne based, with international connections

Although we are based locally, we still have a far reach. Over the past decade, we have formed strong business relationships with local and offshore manufacturers. They rely on us for ongoing work, as we rely on them for the affordable product manufacturing of plastics, metal casings, electronics, and other parts and processes.


Small enough to care, connected enough to execute

We are dedicated to providing our clients with a more engaged manufacturing process. Every project is a passion project for us. Instead of merely sending your design on, we provide an open line of communication between you and the manufacturer.


Executes designs and redesigns

We like getting it right the first time, but we are dedicated to working with you to create the perfect product. If there is an issue throughout the product manufacturing process, we will work together to find a happy medium—a product that is well designed, cheap to manufacture, and highly functional.

Melbourne Outsourcing, Manufacturing and Supply

Case study: Pival barcode reader

To facilitate in the product manufacturing of this quality barcode reader, MOSS&SCHMIDT continued to work with our South Melbourne client after a seamless industrial design and rapid prototyping phase:

In order to produce the unit at a large scale, we:

  • Sourced electrical components from local businesses
  • Outsourced high quality, efficient manufacturing to an offshore business
  • Liaised with both client and manufacturer throughout the process

After the product manufacturing phase, Pival barcode readers were sold to businesses around Melbourne. Such units are currently being used in an integrated parking solution at Melbourne Central Shopping Centre.

For product manufacturing you can trust with your ideas, contact MOSS&SCHMIDT. Our manufacturing and supply partnerships are built on over years of collaboration and success. For quality component sourcing and reliable packaging and shipping…