Market Research for Industrial Design

Unsure of where to go with your design?

MOSS&SCHMIDT answer your questions with high end market research

At MOSS&SCHMIDT, we know that the best ideas come from a thorough understanding. That’s why we offer market research to support our industrial design process. It’s how we know we are getting it right.

What is market research for industrial design?

In the scope of industrial design, market research is investigating a problem that doesn’t yet exist. It’s the very first step of the industrial design process, where we help clients define exactly what they want to achieve.

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Do you need market research before you get your industrial design off the ground?

Contact MOSS&SCHMIDT, and let us help you find the right market for your product.

How do we approach market research?

At this stage, we aren’t really working towards a product, but rather, a solution. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Market UX/UI research to help us properly understand how your audience interacts with the world.
  • To support your ideas, we can develop intuitive digital and network solutions.
  • App and website implementation assists in reaching your audience where they live.
  • To ensure that you are getting the most out of your money, we enact ongoing production process improvement

Market research for industrial design is all about evaluating options. We will present an array of suitable solutions, giving you the autonomy to choose what you think is best.

Why choose Moss&Schmidt for market research?

Like the rest of our industrial design process, we work with the end user in mind. By taking the time to thoroughly understand their problem with market research, we seek to optimise your ideas until they find a balance between function, aesthetics, and marketability.

As a boutique industrial design team in Melbourne, we can guarantee you:

User specific reporting

Every project we undertake is unique. That’s why we approach market research on a case-by-case basis. Products are designed with different users in mind, and we want to find out exactly what will work for some, but not for others.

Years of experience

We have a world of experience in industrial design and market research. We know what it takes to make products, and before that, we take the time to know why they need to exist. For over 10 years, we have built solid relationships with clients and manufacturers alike.

Socially and environmentally responsibility

We create products for people to use in the real world. Throughout every step of the industrial design and market research process, we place an emphasis on treating people and the environment with the utmost degree of responsibility.

Qualified designers and engineers

We are great at developing concepts through our market research. We supplement this with an intuitive knowledge of engineering and design. No matter what stage your idea is at, from inception to reality, we are here to offer you a comprehensive service.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a product in the market that can solve my problem?

That’s what we want to find out with market research and research consulting. Unless you want to directly compete with an already established product, we need to find a point of different.

What is the fastest, cheapest way to solve our problem?

Although there may be several solutions to the problem you pose, there’s only one that will be perfect. We will find out exactly what that solution is through market research,

How will I know what the best option is?

That’s a tricky one. Usually, the proof is in the sales results. However, we can get a good idea of exactly what we need to achieve with qualitative and quantitive data.

At MOSS&SCHMIDT, we know that data-based decisions yield the tangible results. That’s why we rely on consumer insights and market research to inform our product design process. To learn more about creating an optimal user experience…