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At MOSS&SCHMIDT, we are in the business of bringing things into the real world. We take ideas, and using key industrial design principles, create working models of products that will sell.

What is industrial design?

Industrial design is the process of designing goods for industrial manufacture. It’s the initial stage in the manufacturing process, where ideas take their first steps to becoming tangible products.

With our extensive experience with CAD 3D modelling, we can create manufacturable designs that look and function the way you envisage them. If your product line needs a refresh, we can use the same technology to improve them for new markets.

If you have a fleshed out concept, or even just a faint idea about a solution to a real world problem, we want to hear about it.

Melbourne industrial design and product design

Looking for quality industrial design in Melbourne? MOSS&SCHMIDT can make it happen. Whether you have an initial idea, or want to update an existing product, we can help you create quality designs.

How do we approach industrial design?

At MOSS&SCHMIDT, we see ourselves as translators—the conduit between you and your end user. The language we speak is industrial design, and we use it to fill gaps in the market that you have identified.

To achieve the high standard of industrial design we have set for ourselves, we employ a variety of modern methods, including:

  • Initial ideation and design to visually realise your product according to your objectives
  • Focusing on manufacturability and cost, to ensure that the end result can be made for less
  • 3D rendering and visualisations to support proof-of-concepts and future marketing collateral
  • Preparing for the next phase of visual test-fitting and construction by creating full working prototypes


We see the industrial design phase as the beginning of a partnership between our business and yours, based on your ideas. We want to ensure our mutual success by working with you every step of the way to create lasting, winning products.

Why choose MOSS&SCHMIDT as your industrial designers?

Everything we do at MOSS&SCHMIDT has a focus on optimisation. We optimise your ideas for real world manufacturing. We continue to optimise these designs with your end user in mind.

We believe our service sets us apart from other Melbourne industrial designers.

Melbourne-based industrial design

We live and work locally in Melbourne. Using thorough market research, we create products that work in our backyard, in the wider Australian market, and further afield. Our office is based in Hawthorn East, but we can come to you for initial consultations.

Small enough to care, connected enough to execute

As boutique industrial designers, every project we undertake gets our full attention. We facilitate this with an ability to execute. Our extensive network of national and international partners can deliver you prototypes and final products that will make you proud.

Executes designs and redesigns

We know how to execute your ideas based on solid market research and intuitive industrial design principles. We will work with you to design, redesign, and redesign again, until you possess a product that fits the bill—for your business, and your consumer.

Social and environmental responsibility

We all live in an age where we need to be mindful of our impact on the world. That’s why social and environmental responsibility is at the forefront of our industrial design principles. We want to create products that last and can be reused time and time again.

Melbourne Outsourcing, Manufacturing and Supply

Case study: Pival barcode reader

MOSS&SCHMIDT were approached by a South Melbourne client to assist with the industrial design of a modern, efficient barcode reader.

After working with the client, we designed a unit that featured:

  • An intuitive, ergonomic design with a backlit LCD screen and 4×4 matrix keypad
  • Quick decoding and reading of both print and digital devices
  • Communication to servers via WiFi and Ethernet

This unit would become part of an integrated solution within the carpark system of Melbourne Central Shopping Centre—one of Melbourne’s most iconic and popular retail destinations.

At MOSS&SCHMIDT, we transform ideas into cutting-edge products using accurate prototyping tools and time-efficient manufacturing.

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