The Moss&Schmidt success story: Offering multiple benefits in a small team environment

Yossi and Aaron Mossandschmidt Industrial Design

The Moss&Schmidt success story: Offering multiple benefits in a small team environment

As a client, have you often worked with large teams and found yourself at a loss about who your main point of contact was, or who your daily go-to was when you have questions regarding your project? Even more importantly: how much frustration has this caused you in the past?

When we set out to establish Moss&Schmidt, we knew that a personal touch was needed to ensure client satisfaction. Small team environments come with a sense of connection that cannot be easily matched: especially when a client needs quick answers from the source!

So, how did we do it? And what are the benefits that we offer our clients as an industrial design team?

A personal partnership without third-party involvement

From the outset, we knew that we wanted to personally work with our clients, and we have never budged on this. We do not hand off projects to juniors or third-parties and remain a main point of contact for whenever our clients need us. Working with us means that you, as our client, get our full attention, always without question.

Full responsibility for every project

We always put pride and care into the work that we do. Our name and our company’s reputation is as much at stake as that of our clients if a project fails, which is why we put in the utmost effort with each industrial design project to ensure success.

Years of project management experience

We build out our industrial design processes from years of project management experience and we ensure that this valuable component of our business never gets filtered down through the ranks. We keep our processes agile and time-efficient, working fast but never compromising on quality.

Cost-effective offerings to suit your budget

As a small two-man team, we offer our clients cheaper rates thanks to less overhead costs. We ensure that our business runs efficiently but not at the expense of our clients, and we always minimise our business costs where possible. 

Access to expert talent as needed

We have a broad network of domain experts with who we work closely as needed. This ensures that our offering is supplemented by top talent as per our clients’ needs – we never compromise on quality and ensure that each project benefits from input from industry leaders.

A cutting edge offering based on the latest developments in the market

As industrial design enthusiasts, we keep our fingers on the pulse of developments in the market. We carefully review design trends and how they can benefit our clients, all while bearing in mind how these trends would improve an existing project and enhance capabilities.

Zero-waste and minimal impact on the environment

Industrial designers know all too well how much waste could accumulate during the design and production phases of a project, which is why we take exceptional care with each project to ensure zero-waste and no harm to the environment.

Small team, big results!

At Moss&Schmidt, we are a passionate, professional small team that generates big results for our clients. We have had many successes, and we know that more is definitely in store for the year to come!

If you are ready to experience an exceptional journey for your next project, contact us today. We would love to hear from you and to provide the personal touch that we have become known and respected for!