Amazing examples of industrial design

Silver Laptop Keyboard zoomed in

Amazing examples of industrial design

Have you ever seen a design that struck such a chord with you that you couldn’t get it out of your mind? Or have you experienced cutting-edge product designs that made you a loyal customer from day 1 to certain brands?

As industrial designers, we without exception always set out to champion both form and function. It is a given: you cannot create a design that looks amazing but serves no purpose, versus creating a great tool that has a not so appealing form.

So, what do these great designs look like that bring together form and function? One superb example is that of how the design of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle took shape – be sure to check out the story on our previous blog post!

We’ve rustled up some more amazing examples of industrial design that captured our – and the world’s!-attention. Have a look below – you will definitely find some of these appliances are already in your home!

  1. Multi-blade, cordless electric shavers for men

Although some men might still reach for disposables shavers or opt for a “classic shave”, the multi-blade, cordless electric shaver offers the convenience of a great product with optimal functionality. Electric shavers that have multiple blades not only look good – they also provide a quicker, more efficient shave, shave more coarse hair easily and they can even be used to shave the head by men who prefer to do so.

  1. 360 Degree single touch cameras

An innovative example of a 360° camera is the RICOH THETA. With a super sleek design, it has amazing functionality that allows a user to take panorama shots without the need of a smartphone. Images taken can be shared with other devices as well, which ups its score when it comes to functionality.

  1. POC helmets

The iconic Swedish POC brand has been around for about 16 years and is known for its range that includes equipment such as snowboarding and cycling helmets. Their great designs do not only look good – they are backed by findings generated by the POC lab, where the team work together to ensure each piece offers maximum protection for customers.

  1. The Nest Learning Thermostat

Cool and compact, the Nest Learning Thermostat is designed to be the ultimate smart home solution. Over and above saving energy, it can be controlled from anywhere that you are and even turns itself off when you are away. Its machine learning functionality is slick: users provide the initial data for their temperature reference, which can then be synced to their daily schedules.

Last but not least…

  1. The QWERTY keyboard

Used in devices such as laptops and for computer keyboards, to even smartphones or app keyboards, the QWERTY keyboard has stuck it out since its invention for typewriters in the 1800s. Designed to have letters spaced out evenly to make typing more of a smooth process, it is easy to commit typing on these keyboards from memory – plus when it comes to computer hardware, users can enjoy multiple designs and colours for their keyboards along with the benefit of smooth typing

Designs that are made to last, will

The above example of the QWERTY keyboard is just one of many iconic designs that show how great industrial designs will last and stand the test of time. Even if these designs are updated constantly, they still retain their core character.

At Moss&Schmidt, it is our goal to constantly innovate as we build great industrial designs. Contact us today if you are in the market for products that functions flawlessly, and meets the highest safety and ethical standards.