7 reusable products to fight the war on waste

Metal Straw material bag metal basket

7 reusable products to fight the war on waste

As industrial designers, we are more than ever aware of the impact that single-use, non-recyclable products have on the environment. The war on waste is all too real, however, through clever designs, product creators can curb the accumulation of unnecessary items in landfills and even residential areas.

So, what are the hallmarks of these clever designs?  Typically, they would be:

  • Reusable
  • Recyclable
  • And in some cases, be multi-use products

We’ve put together a list of 7 reusable products that are perfect to fight the war on waste. They are eco-friendly and smartly designed for multi-use functionality.

1. Reusable metal straws

Although the plastic straw has been a favourite staple to consume beverages such as sodas and milkshakes, single- use plastic straws pose a threat to both the environment and animals due to it being easy to get mistaken for food by sea creatures.

Metal straws that can easily be cleaned with thin brushes are perfect on-the-go multi-use items that, if adopted over time, eradicate the need for plastic straws.

2. Organic cotton tote bags

Organic cotton products are known for their eco-friendly nature. With less exposure to pesticides and toxins, it has a smaller impact on nature than the production of other materials would have.

Added to this, tote bags made from organic cotton make for convenient shopping bags that remove the need for single-use plastic bags that often are thrown away even if they are recyclable.

3.  Natural material shopping baskets

Let’s be honest: if we as designers could choose, we would opt for less plastic in our everyday products, including something as simple as shopping baskets. Woven baskets are beautiful, sturdy examples of how you can shop ethically and save on additional plastic bags all in one go, as your basket doubles up as your shopping basket and bag.

4. Multi-use, reusable vegetable and fruit bags

Often, vegetables and fruits are packaged in a lot of plastic that goes to waste as soon as the packet is empty. However, reusable bags are great solutions to store fruits and vegetables and to reuse for shopping at your local supermarket or organic market.

5. Reusable mugs

Living more sustainably doesn’t have to limit your favourite coffee fix if you use a reusable mug. Many multi-use mugs that are made from sustainable materials such as bamboo are available on the market and are smart alternatives to limit waste usually caused by paper or styrofoam cups.

6. Multi-use beauty face pads

An innovative trend in the beauty industry is the use of face wash pads that can be used multiple times – some only needing to be used with water for cleansing. Using these products eradicates the need to use heaps of wipes that go into the trash (and landfills) after just one use.

7. Reusable silicone bowls

When it comes to leftovers at home or wrapping up lunch for the office, it is tempting to reach for plastic or clear wrap to store these items in. However, reusable silicone bowls are a far better alternative and reduce unnecessary waste –  plus it will help keep your food fresher for longer.

Fighting the war on waste, made easy

Being mindful of the product designs you choose for your home or business and choosing natural materials as alternatives to harmful plastics can help you play a part in the war on waste. There truly is no challenge – only a change of mindset is needed!

At Moss&Schmidt, we are equally passionate about fighting the war on waste when it comes to our sustainable industrial design processes. Contact us today if you would like to find out more about how we achieve this.