5 Reasons why simple design is good design

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5 Reasons why simple design is good design

Remember our blog about Dieter Rams’ design principles? One of these key principles is that good design involves as little design as possible. In other words, simple, yet better.

How does this impact the user experience when it comes to product design? Here are five reasons why simple design is good design – and how both consumers and product designers can benefit from it.

1. A simple design is often easier to navigate while still being effective

User experience plays a big part in product success. Products that are too hard to operate or simply too difficult to understand will always come up short, which means there will be less interest, less turnover and fewer sales.

Simple design ensures that there is a logical design for a product – and it will help consumers to understand its function better.

2. A simple design makes sense for the consumer

In our design-to-cost blog, we discussed the importance of determining aspects of a product that are essential versus those that are “nice to haves”. Simple design taps into this concept too. When you design a product with all its essential features but without unnecessary bells and whistles, your product makes sense to your consumers. They don’t have to guess what its purpose is: they will easily be able to understand how this product will add value to their lives!

3. Simple design can help you pinpoint any potential design issues

Although no industrial or product designer aims for failure, it could happen that a consumer is not satisfied with a product. However, having a simple, clear design makes it easier to assess where a design might need to be modified and test the user experience journey to determine if there are any design glitches.

4. Simple design can inspire designers to create classic products

From clean lines to solid colour palettes, simple design can provide the road map that designers need to create classic designs that resonate with consumers. Good, clean designs can stand the test of time and beat the rush of trendy, fleeting products that enter and exit the market so quickly without any staying power.

Ultimately, simple design means classic designs that are made to last.

5. Simple design means you can be more thorough in your design

With simple design, the route from concept to design to finished product is clearer and easier to navigate than with a more intricate, complex design. Keeping things simple, direct and to the point will ensure you can be more thorough in your product designs – and use that little extra time that you save through lean designing for any tweaks or modifications that your product needs.

Design simple, design better!

Simple design is one of the best ways to remain competitive, without sacrificing quality or user experience. By creating clear-cut products that are easy to use and that create joy with every interaction, you will always be assured of design success without the need for unnecessary add-ons.

Always remember: Simple design is better. Always, without question.

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